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How to Remove Pattern Locked On Android Phone with ADB Commands

Tutorial On How to Remove Pattern Locked Android Phone with ADB Commands

How to Remove Pattern Locked On Android Phone with ADB Commands?

       Most probably everyone might face the situation of getting Android device locked or it’s just freezing quite a lot. There are many easy solutions right from removing its battery, manual resetting (click here) and using backup options such as sky drive and much more. But what if your device does not start itself? Or it is locked with multiple attempts? Or it may be for some other reason. Again if you have no Wi-Fi ON or your device is in airplane mode or not set to internet accessibility.

The answer is using windows based commands to operate your Android device to resolve this issue.

Method: Using ADB (Android Debug Bridge) Commands

ADB is advanced command line tool which enables a user to communicate with Android device using commands on PC.

1. Windows PC
2. Device with USB cable
3. Android SDK developer toolkit (Click here to get from Android Developer Website)
4. Usb drivers for your device, or if your device is recognizing self then it’s not required
If this does not list your device then try to go on your device's company's website or Google your device with "device name android USB drivers for windows", (Click here to get from Developer Website)
5. Proper command follow-up

Unzip downloaded Android SDK files on your PC. Go to unzipped SDK folder and follow this path

Just click an adb.exe file to install the program, it shows a small window and it disappears immediately. Don't worry, its done.

Click Start>Run>cmd. This will take you to dos-based windows command prompt window.
Type cd "android-sdk-windowstools"

You must be now in the ADB folder.

In the came command window type "adb devices"

If it shows the device then you are on a correct path. If not, you probably need your phone's driver set to install in the computer.

Now you must be ready to do work on your Android device, such as backup, flashing, resetting, hard resetting.

Above method is discussed considering your Android device is locked with multiple pattern password attempts. So we will move further to run few more commands to unlock it in easy ways.

In cmd type in following set of commands

adb devices (This will show your device)
adb shell
sqlite3 settings.db
update system set value=0 where name='lock_pattern_autolock';
update system set value=0 where name='lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently';

Now reboot your device. With this, your phone must be unlocked.

If above codes do not work then try below
adb shell rm/data/system/gesture.key

This will remove any pattern kept on your device and you will need to input new pattern.

Note: If you do not wish someone else to use ADB commands on your smartphone in any way then go to your smartphone's security options and select the option saying keep off USB debugging mode. But this is very risky as you do not need to worry so much about your smartphone as it is not a question of National Security.

If you like to add some more commands for easy navigation and recovery please provide here for others help.


Build Prop Tweaks
Hey Guys, Am sharing Build Prop Tweaks for Android Lollipop, Kitkat, Jellybean Smartphones for Gaming, Multitasking & much more. these days, Android Phone’s Developments are increasing Day by Day. So we are here with another Build.prop Tweaks. These tweaks, can increase your Phone’s Performance Like hell.

Full List of Best Build.prop tweaks for Any Android Device which is running on Android lollipop, kitkat or jellybean. with this way, you can tweak buildprop
Android device & increase it’s performance, & boost it without any issues at all. so guys, let’s Follow up below Guide & have a look at this.

Generally, Build.prop file will be stored in /system/ path in Android Operating System Devices. In Which, All Phone Specifications, Tweaks, Settings Will Storing. This file is very important for all android phones. Without this File, Android Phone can survive but, if you restart your phone, then it will not boot up. So, usage of Build.prop is very important for Android Phones.

 With these kind of tweaks, Some android apps may work more smoother like Game killer apk etc.
You can Easily this file, If you have rooted your Smartphone. If you don’t have rooted Smartphone, then you will not be able to edit this file, because this file is available for edit for use for Rooted Smartphones only. Because, Without Root you can’t change permissions in your Phone. You can Add Below tweaks, in your Phone’s Build.prop file after you root your phone. then you can optimize your phone easily. So let’s checkout Some Easy Steps, for 

How to Use Build.prop in Smartphones.

1. Better RAM managment

2. Improves audio and video recording quality×1840×720

3. Faster streaming videos media.stagefright.enable-player=true

4. Video acceleration and HW debugging. debug.composition.type can also be changed to cpu or mdp.
debug.egl.profiler=1 # Measure rendering time in adb shell dumpsys gfxinfo
debug.composition.type=gpu # Disable hardware overlays and use GPU for screen compositing

5. Disables built in error reporting.


6. Better net speeds.
4096, 16384,256960

6,163 84,256960
7380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
7380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
7380,256960,4096,163 84,256960

7. Saves power. ro.mot.eri.losalert.delay=1000 could brake tethering.

8. 3G tweaks.

9. Disables logcat

10. Screen recognizes only two fingers.


11. Support for ipv4 and ipv6.

12. Phone rings immediately.

13. Disables blackscreen issue after a call.

14. Better scrolling.

15. Better signal.

16. Better call voice quality.

17. Better signal.

18. Faster boot.

19. Disables error checking.

20. Dalvik Virtual Machine tweaks.

21. Disables locating.
 Also delete /system/app/networklocation.apk and /system/

22. Disables sending of usage data.

23. Better image quality, lower performance.

24. Disable notification while adb is active

25. Change LCD density – My Favorite
 Default value is 240. Don’t forget to install a patched market after changing it.

26. MMS APN retry timer set to 2 sec
( if SMS/MMS couldn`t be sent, it retries after 2 instead of 5 seconds).
ro.gsm.2nd_data_retry_config=max/_retries=3, 2000, 2000, 2000

27. Key lights stay on while screen is on.

28. Disable strict mode checking.

29. Remove FPS cap. May be unstable – better have it activated

30. build.prop tweaks for battery life

31. build.prop tweaks for improved performance
How to Add These Tweaks in your Android Phone For Use these Build.prop Tweaks
Checkout Some basic requirements, for use Build.prop tweaks in your rooted android phone.

Rooted Android Phone .
Root Explorer app------
Some time & Patience
Stock Rom ( Just fir safety, if anything goes wrong, then you can recover your Phone)So if you are ready with above requirements, then you can follow below steps, & do some tweaks in your rooted android phone with these build.prop tweaks.

Follow Below Easy Steps for How to Apply Build.prop Tweaks
At First, Download & Install Root Explorer in your Android Phone
Now, Open Root Explorer app & Grant root permissions to it.
Now, Goto /system/ folder & you will see build.prop file therebuild prop tweaks
Long press on that file & click on open with & select Text prop tweaks
Now, Choose any tweak from above list, copy it & paste it at end of the filebuild prop tweaks
Now, Save that file & Restart your Phone & you will see the Difference

Final Words
We are not responsible for anything wrong Happen with your Device While using these Tweaks.
So Guys, These was the best Build.prop tweaks for Any of the Android Users. you may like these tweaks, also you can submit your own tweaks here & we will give you full credits. Thanks for visiting & keep visit here for get more cool tricks like this.