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How To Enjoying Unlimited Free Calls With Your MTN Sim

How To Enjoying Unlimited Free Calls With Your MTN Sim

        Grab your MTN sim card now and enjoy unlimited free call with your friends and family while it last, no need to use your credit to make call today as you migrate to MTN Life Plus tariff. Once your migrate to this plan MTN will reward you with free credit bonus to make call and you can keep on requesting for additional bonus no limit.

How To Enjoy MTN Unlimited Free Call

First Migrate to MTN Yello Life Plus by dialing *460*6#, you'll be automatically given N50

Dial *556# to check your bonus credit

Once you exhaust the airtime Dial *460*3# to option out

Then dial *460*6# again and you'll be automatically given another N50

Note: Keep repeating step 1 and 2 continuously to enjoy the


MTN Pays FG N18.96bn Set to Roll Out 4G LTE in Lagos & Abuja

MTN Nigeria wins 2.6 GHz auction, assures on broadband infrastructure
MTN Pays FG N18.96bn For Broadband Aquisition, Set to Roll Out 4G LTE in Lagos & Abuja
After a transparent and competitive auction process, the Nigerian telecoms regulatory authority, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) , Wednesday formally declared MTN Nigeria as the winner of the 2.6GHz spectrum auction.

Accordingly, the auction process had afforded both local and foreign operators the opportunity to enjoy equal and unfettered rights of participation in line with the NCC’s desire for transparency and ensuring a level playing field for all.

It would be recalled that NCC had earlier confirmed that ‎MTN’s bid was in full compliance with the relevant provisions of the Information Memorandum (IM) for the exercise in which MTN emerged as sole approved bidder.

The NCC has described this spectrum as a significant trigger for a broadband revolution that will unlock benefits such as greater coverage, access, affordability and innovation, with the customer at the centre of these gains.

Speaking on the new development, MTN Nigeria Chief Executive Officer, Ferdi Moolman said that, “After complying with all the requirements for the 2.6GHz auction and making the licence payment of N18.96 billion to the NCC, MTN has been issued a letter of award. With the 2.6 GHz band, we expect to roll out and provide the full range of LTE services to Nigerians, empowering Nigeria with the latest mobile broadband technology.”

According to him, “We are very pleased with this development at this time, which is a further step in the right direction for Nigeria. Indeed, MTN is fully aligned and supports the NCC’s objective to deliver broadband services to present and future generations of subscribers, in line with the National Broadband Plan of 2013.”

The 2.6GHz acquisition, he said has set the stage for the roll-out of 4G LTE broadband internet services across the country, starting in the major cities of Lagos and Abuja.

He added “This license acquisition further demonstrates MTN’s abiding faith in the future of Nigeria and the resilience of the Nigerian economy. MTN continues to believe in Nigeria and we have expressed this belief in the level of our investment, which currently stands at approximately USD 15 billion and counting. We strongly believe that there is need for significant levels of investment in broadband infrastructure and services to truly launch Nigeria into the information age. We are honoured to be the arrowhead.

“In addition, we are also delighted that the matter of the fine imposed by the NCC was amicably settled in the interest of all parties. I am pleased to announce that the first payment of N30 billion in the terms of settlement has already been disbursed to the NCC. In addition to the earlier payment of N50 billion which we paid in good faith and without prejudice on February 24, this means we have now paid a total of N80 billion.

“Our subscribers, especially those in clustered areas such as the major cities, can expect distinct improvements in browsing speed, quality and experience. This means that they will have fast access to high definition video streaming, as well as conferencing and calling, lag-free music streaming, and improved data uploads and downloads”.

As such, MTN’s success in this auction is a big boost to its plan to deliver global mobile broadband and LTE 4G services to over 60 million customers in Nigeria.

MTN also plans to use FDD networks in addition to its existing WIMAX over TDD networks, as this provides for greater consistency with existing 2G and 3G deployments.

Although Nigeria is one of 28 African countries that currently offer 4G/LTE services, the rate of penetration is restricted to a few major cities.

Meanwhile, studies by McKinsey have shown that a 10% increase in broadband penetration is associated with a 1.4% increase in GDP growth in developing markets.


If you like to download with your mtn siim @ night
Mtn as roll out free night sub,

How Can I Get MTN 500MB for #25?
It is pretty simple, just do the below;
Migrate to MTN iPulse  if you are not already there by dialing *406#

Make sure you have minimum of N30 in your phone
Send NIGHT to 131 via SMS
You’ll get a message like this 

“Dear customer, you have successfully subscribed to Free Night Browsing between 00:00 and 04:00. N25 has been deducted from your account"

Note: this plan is usable only within 12am – 4am.
you can’t accumulate and Subscribe for it again when U exhaust the first 500MB untill nextday
If you have more than 1 MTN sim, with just N100, you have 2GB staring at you dailing 

You can also get 1gb with just #500 with this plan
by dialing   *406# to get yours

Tied of Calling 180 You Can Reach Mtn Customer Care Via Whatsapp

In a way of satisfying customers, Mtn now extends their customer services to WhatsApp messenger. Now they have launched 5 dedicated Customer Care Whatsapp contact numbers for their subscribers to reach out and get their issues solved.

Here are 5 Mtn Dedicated WhatsApp Number to add:
  • 09033000001
  • 09033000002
  • 09033000003
  • 09033000004
  • 09033000005
To chat with Mtn customer care representatives via WhatsApp, simply add any of the above numbers to your WhatsApp list and start chatting immediately with Mtn available customer care representative.

If you have tried Mtn WhatsApp channel to resolve your issues, kindly share your experience with us via the comment box below


MTN is giving 4.5GB for free... 
You heard it right for free. 
Send 102 to 131

On your MTN sim and you'll receive free 4.5GB(1.5GB for day and 3GB for Night) valid for 30days. I'm currently rocking it on two of my sims. Happy Weekend guy

u can also use sms bomber.apk DOWNLOAD FROM  PLAYSTORE

Dial *123*40# 
Click to purchase a Data try as much as possible am rocking with