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Collection Of Cubot Stock Rom Download

Learn how to flash this devices here
verry important: tips to note before flashing mtk android phone click here

Make sure you are downloading the exact Rom
I will not take responsibility on whatever may happen to your device.because
flashing a wrong preloader, will make the device completely dead can't power on, can't charge and will not be detected by a computer.

Collection of Cubot Stock Rom

Cubot A6589

Cubot Bobby

Cubot C6

Cubot One

Cubot One Turbo

Cubot P5

Cubot P6

Cubot C9 Plus

Cubot C9W

Cubot C10 Plus

Cubot GT89

Cubot GT90

Cubot GT99

Cubot M6589

Cubot P7

Cubot P9

Cubot P10
Cubot P10 QHD 8P64 140905 B1B5 4.2.2

Cubot P10 QHD 8P64 150121 B1B5 4.2.2

Cubot S308

Cubot T9

Cubot X6

Cubot S108

Cubot S200

Cubot S208

Cubot S222
Cubot S222 4.2.2

Cubot S222 4.4.2 V6 CQ 4139C D1BOM V0.0.2

Credit :Firmwarefile